Spying is encouraged.

15 young people went on a fact-finding tour at WILD to get an insight into the apprenticeship professions of surface technology, mechatronics, and metal fabricating and machining technology. The career spy days made it possible.

Have you ever soldered a circuit board with light-emitting diodes and connected it to a battery? 15 students from Carinthian AHS and secondary schools, who, together with their parents, accepted the invitation to the company spy days at WILD, tried out the first technical steps like these recently with Patrick Weinzerl and Eva-Maria Schäfermeier while learning a lot about the WILD Group.

Daniel Eberwein demonstrated how many work steps are necessary until a finished product is created from a raw material by means of a small present in the form of an aluminium keychain. Before the young people were allowed to take this souvenir home, they were given an on-site insight into its creation: from programming the CNC milling machine and glass bead blasting for a beautiful surface appearance to anodising all the parts in different colours. The highlight were the final work steps, which the students were allowed to carry out themselves under the expert guidance of Thomas Ziergoi and Alexander Gutmann. On the laser engraving machine, they personalised the keychains with their name and the WILD logo. They were able to demonstrate their drawing talent in the surface technology department. Here, they put a design on paper, which was then digitised and printed on the back of the keychain.

The visitors learned what happens when many talents are brought together during the company tours of the surface technology, mechatronics (assembly) and metal fabricating/machining technology departments. They were impressed by the complex high-tech devices that WILD develops and manufactures for customers from all over the world.

Recognising opportunities & talents

Practical insights in the direct work environment and first-hand information are a great help for students to make decisions about their careers. In addition, WILD offers young career spies the opportunity to find out about open apprenticeship positions on site and to make initial contact with personnel managers. “Young people are also welcome at WILD as part of a trial apprenticeship, where they can work in the company for a few days,” says Andrea Gritsch, responsible for People & Culture Management at the WILD Group.

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Many thanks to our colleagues Katharina, Michaela, Claudia, Stephan, Dietmar, Matthias, Patrick, Eva-Maria, Alexander, Daniel, and Michelle, who made this day at WILD possible for our visitors.