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Q: Who do I turn to the first time I want to contact WILD?

A: The best thing is to contact our Business Development directly.

Q: I’ve developed a product and want to have it manufactured. How can WILD help me?

A: As an established contract manufacturer, WILD has decades of experience that enable it to manufacture your product in series in a short time and at a reasonable cost.

Q: What does “most trusted company” mean?

A: For WILD, “most trusted company” means a corporate philosophy founded on trust and transparency.

Q: What activities are required before series production can begin?

A: First, our specialists at WILD will inspect the technical documentation, and then, together with the customer, examine the status of the product from a feasibility point of view.
Afterwards, the product can go into series production using a range of standardised processes.

Q: How does WILD’s business model work?

A: WILD is solely a contract manufacturer with its own development department.  We develop and manufacture exclusively on behalf of our customers. All rights remain the property of our customers and the same applies to technical solutions or processes that WILD has created for the customer.

Q: How many sites does WILD operate?

A: WILD is part of the WILD Group, which operates 4 sites. There are currently three sites in Austria: in Völkermarkt, Wernberg and Vienna, and one site in Slovakia: in Trnava.

Q: Which products can WILD manufacture for me?

A: WILD has experience with a wide range of products focusing on the following market segments: Medical & Life Science, Laser Technology, Laboratory Technology, IVD & Analytics, Semiconductor Technology and Optical Measurement Technology. WILD concentrates on complex products, systems or assemblies with high technical requirements and sophisticated assembly processes.

Q: How do I choose the right contract manufacturer for my product?

A: The essential factor in contract manufacturing is being able to trust the selected systems partner. We have committed ourselves to trust and transparency and practice this corporate philosophy in all of our business relationships.

Q: Does WILD have a stable quality management system?

A: WILD is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, and has a comprehensive quality management system in place. Our customers regularly audit us and they are highly satisfied with the results. We cordially invite potential customers to get to know our QM system.

Q: Are all individual parts for my product manufactured by WILD itself?

A: WILD possesses comprehensive production methods in high-precision mechanical manufacturing and assembly technology. In addition, WILD can draw from a qualified network of suppliers. A distinct feature is WIN – the WILD Integrated Network, a group of highly qualified partner companies for a comprehensive range of tasks.

Q: Is WILD also registered with the FDA and does it have GMP-compliant processes?

A: WILD has been supplying products to the United States for several years and has acquired significant know-how in the area of GMP-compliant processes. WILD is an FDA-listed supplier.

Q: What are the manufacturing capacities available at WILD?

A: WILD has an extensive machine park at its disposal.

Q: My product is currently in its initial development phase – when should I contact WILD?

A: Since WILD also has decades of experience as a development partner, it can be involved in each development phase.

Q: I need an attractive serial price for my product, but I cannot yet estimate the required volume precisely. How can WILD support me?

A: WILD can provide security through a comprehensive network of suppliers. The planning model is individually adjusted to the respective business case, e.g. in the form of a blanked order or rolling orders. Just like the required volumes, the production periods can also be flexibly optimised according to our customer’s needs.

Q: I want to relocate the production of an existing product – how does WILD select the suppliers?

A: In the case of a relocation of existing products, we take over the previous suppliers. At a subsequent stage, WILD examines alternatives. If a supplier change is beneficial, WILD will proceed accordingly in consultation with our customers and only upon their approval.

Q: How do you deal with short-term changes in demand or highly fluctuating forecast figures?

A: Our modern supply chain design allows us to react to such situations in a timely and flexible manner. Our transparent systems enable all partners participating in the supply chain to look into the current demand and to always work with real-time figures.

Q: How does WILD guarantee that the product transfer and later production at WILD will go as planned?

A: As a contract manufacturer, WILD has created its own tool which is adjusted to the valid standard, the so-called product transfer management system (PTMS), which guarantees precisely that!

Q: What happens if something doesn’t work after WILD has delivered it?

A: WILD has a very efficient after-sales service in place so that our customers will continue to receive full support from their personal key account even after a product has been delivered!

Q: Does the WILD Group perform any target costing during development?

A: Target costing is an essential part of our development projects. The continuous integration of our supply chain into development constitutes a significant foundation of our entire development process.

F: Does the WILD Group develop software according to class C?

A: Our processes are designed to ensure that we are also capable of developing class C software in accordance with IEC 62.304. Moreover, we have already implemented such projects with our customers.

Q: Does the WILD Group develop electronics?

A: Yes, we do develop electronics and in addition to our Wernberg site, we can also resort to external know-how from our established partners.

Q: What distinguishes the WILD Group as a systems partner from other contract manufacturers?

A: The main objective of WILD is to produce. Where others prefer to conclude the order right after the prototype, our development department really gets cracking. We only see our objective as achieved when the product can be successfully manufactured and sold.

Q: Can WILD also develop software?

A: Yes, we develop software on behalf of our customers.