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Market Focus
Optical Measurement Technology

Optical measurement technology needs highly specialised allrounders

It takes an enormous bandwidth of know-how and special assembly expertise to develop and manufacture precise optical measurement instruments. WILD has acquired both over decades.  

From high-precision manufacturing and the use of optical elements and lasers to the integration of electronics and software components – optical measurement technology is an extremely broad field and requires expertise in several different disciplines. Moreover, the increasing complexity of products and the fast pace of innovation make continuous improvement in manufacturing essential, especially with regard to assembly technology. Extremely high requirements apply to the creation of such systems, and not only there:  due to the rough environmental conditions, their areas of application often present a true challenge, too.  Export-regulated products such as laser rangefinders must be able to withstand extreme conditions. Other optical measuring devices (3D laser scanners, photogrammetry camera systems, etc.) must be extremely stable with regard to temperature fluctuations or vibrations in order to guarantee the required measurement precision.

All in all, the development and manufacturing of such systems demands an in-depth understanding of the way they function. The staff at WILD have acquired this knowledge over decades, specialising in the adjustment and testing of optical measurement Tools.


Increasing use of sensors and software

A current trend in optical measurement technology is the increasing application of integrated sensors in the products, which goes hand in hand with a growing use of software. This is the only way to combine highly complex measurement systems with the simplest usability. WILD has realigned its production system and, in the near future, will create the possibility to record and statistically evaluate measurement data during production. The information obtained in this manner will help improve traceability and data recording and will also allow the company to anticipate any quality problems in production. The contract developer and manufacturer also benefits from its experience in dealing with high cleanliness requirements (ISO 6 cleanroom environment) and its expertise in vacuum technology.


WILD reduces the complexity of your projects

Although volumes in this market segment are often negligible, you will benefit from WILD’s flexibility towards individual requirements in supply chain design, innovative logistics systems (Kanban, VMI), manufacturing, and assembly. Even in technically complex and very dynamic cases in terms of sourcing, WILD gives its customers the certainty that it will maintain consistent quality and deliver on time.