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Market Focus
Medical & Life Science

Health is a major market of the future

In medical and life sciences, the digital segment, in particular, will advance dramatically in the near future and will fundamentally change the health sector through the introduction of wearables and consumer products.  

As a result of demographic change, health is becoming increasingly more important as a human asset. But how can you create new, effective and yet cost-efficient solutions for diagnostics and treatment for an ever-ageing society? The answers can be found in interdisciplinary cooperation. A defining feature of the medical and life science sector is the high degree of networking among major players. As a full-service provider, in addition to its own expertise, WILD can resort to its qualified WIN partner network which provides access to state-of-the-art knowledge from the world of research. Moreover, what makes the systems partner stand out and qualifies it as a reliable partner for international market leaders is the combination of electronics, optics, precision mechanics and software which almost no other company can cover at such a high level.

In addition, a qualified supply chain which is individually customisable according to the customer’s product, stringent quality management in accordance with EN ISO 13485, validated FDA-compliant assembly processes and sound change management ensure that only flawless, first-class products will leave its factories. Apart from the well-established areas of ophthalmology, surgery equipment, therapeutic devices, and dialysis systems, WILD is also expanding its comprehensive know-how into new markets such as medical robotics or wearables and disposables.