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We can provide
Production transfer
From the individual manufacturing step to the entire production chain – WILD customers can achieve any transfer with minimum use of their own resources.
WILD gives customer access to a multitude of production possibilities for prototyping, transforming ideas into fully functional models in the shortest possible time.
Mechanical manufacturing
At WILD, precision tolerances of a thousandth of a millimetre in mechanical manufacturing are routine. Stable processes guarantee high repetitive accuracy and regulatory certainty.
WILD Gruppe Justierdrehmaschine Praezisionsoptiken
Precision positioning
Precision alignment, alignment milling and center turning. WILD masters all methods to manufacture optical systems in the required quality up to the highest precision in a cost-optimized manner.
Functional surface engineering
WILD applies numerous innovative techniques for the manufacturing of functional surfaces. These enhance a product, increase its appeal and usability and also reduce costs.
From components and cleanroom and sterile products to complete devices – WILD takes charge of the assembly, adjustment and commissioning of complex systems.
Cleanroom manufacturing
Secured cleanliness processes are indispensable in the manufacturing of disposables for medical technology, of sophisticated optics for metrology, laser assemblies or mass spectrometres. For this reason, WILD is systematically raising its cleanliness and cleanroom standards.
Contact & Support
Preferably during a personal meeting.
If you wish to expedite things, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.
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