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How to get tangible results quickly

WILD gives customer access to a multitude of production possibilities for prototyping, transforming ideas into fully functional models in the shortest possible time.

The possibility to rapidly “mould” ideas into prototypes to test their applicability gives companies the decisive competitive advantage when introducing a new product. Functional prototypes are indispensable, not only in development. They also represent important decision-making tools in value analysis or during CIP. Provided, that is, that your partner is capable of manufacturing highly complex prototypes that already meet the narrowest of tolerances.

To unite the greatest possible speed with the highest precision, one must command the entire range of technologies in prototyping. WILD covers all of the required skills from concept development and software to various manufacturing techniques such as thermoforming or injection moulding, which guarantee you a short transition time from concept to component or system, and also create the perfect conditions for a seamless transition to serial production. Moreover: the systems partner offers its customers a dedicated production line, allowing them to implement mechanical prototypes within a very short time.

From drawing to prototype in just three weeks – what prototyping can do

For one of its long-standing partners in medical technology, for instance, WILD manufactured a sophisticated milling component, in which more than 37 fits and geometric tolerances had to be met. The component was manufactured in close coordination with the prototype building and manufacturing departments and was documented in an engineering report. Although extremely high precision was required, the entire process from the first drawing to implementation of the first prototype took only three weeks. Even without the suitable facilities, the first prototypes already achieved a precision of 5µm, prompting the customer to confirm the suitability of this sample very quickly.