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The new product

Regardless of whether you are right in the middle of the development process or are still searching for ideas, we will develop precisely what you need.

When should one consider outsourcing in development? As a rule, when one exceeds one’s own development or manufacturing capacities, when resources are missing or when knowledge on the next technological steps is not fully available. Renowned manufacturers in medical and optical technology have already taken this decisive step and entered into a development partnership with the WILD Group.

Companies can get on board at any stage of development, regardless of whether they request the complete package – from the idea to the serial product – or just selected modules. Throughout the entire product creation process, WILD’s engineering experts guarantee high-quality consulting services, cross-industry approaches, in-time production of functioning prototypes and a profound knowledge of the relevant norms and standards. From the very beginning, the focus lies on a feasible serial product that will not require multiple adjustment and redesign loops.

The engineering practice: one-stop interdisciplinary development

This is guaranteed by the simultaneous engineering applied at WILD which permanently aligns the areas of electronics, mechanics, optics, plastics engineering and software. This was successful in an exemplary manner in the collaboration with WILD customer Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH. Together with Technolas, WILD developed a system for the exact removal of the so-called laser aerosol cloud, thus achieving a milestone in refractive surgery. One team was assigned with project management, concept development, documentation and prototyping. Another was responsible for the design implementation of the system and the preparation of manufacturing documents. Thanks to the basic research initiated by WILD, the clearly structured development process and the interdisciplinary knowledge of the project management, transition to serial production was very quick.