Creative minds, forward-thinking strategists, visionary engineers and communicative networkers. Those who put their project in the hands of WILD believe in the benefits of interacting with a highly-diversified team.

Managing Director CFO WILD Group
Finance & Human Resources
Managing Director CTO WILD Group
Sales & Development
Managing Director COO WILD Gruppe
Managing Director WILD GmbH
Managing Director WILD Technologies
Management Assistant WILD Holding
Management Assistant WILD Electronics
Management Assistant & Front Office WILD GmbH
Management Assistant WILD Technologies
Head of Business Development WILD Group
Business Development WILD Gruppe
Business Development WILD Group
Marketing WILD Gruppe
Head of Medical Technology WILD GmbH
Head of Optical Technologies WILD GmbH
Head of Sales WILD Electronics
Head of SCM and Purchasing WILD Group
Head of Logistics WILD GmbH
Head of Quality Management WILD GmbH
Head of Quality Management WILD Electronics
Head of Development WILD GmbH and WILD Electronics
Head of Human Resources WILD Group