Market Focus

As a highly-specialised allrounder, we have acquired comprehensive know-how in the following future markets. We always look forward to new challenges, such as taking your latest innovations into serial production.

Medical & Life Science
Whether in ophthalmology, surgical equipment, dialysis systems or medical robotics: reliable, qualitative and innovative contract developers and manufacturers like WILD are high in demand in the medical and life science sector.
Laboratory Technology
WILD produces a large number of laboratory device types for applications ranging from biological routine laboratories to research laboratories and industrial and food production. Its customers benefit from the broad expertise and years of experience that WILD has acquired in this market segment.
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InVitro Diagnostics & Analytics
WILD is a respected player in the standard-compliant development and process-stable production of in-vitro diagnostics devices and systems for clinical chemistry, haematology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics and many more.
Laser Technology
In the field of laser technology, WILD can apply its entire optomechatronics expertise in combination with its enormous process know-how. Customers can rely on WILD’s decades of experience and expertise when outsourcing the development and production of their laser systems.
Optical Measurement Technology
Optical measurement technology is an extremely broad field in which WILD can fully exploit its potential: a combination of very different technical disciplines at the highest level, ranging from high-precision manufacturing and the application of optical elements to the integration of electronics and software components.
Semiconductor Technology
Customers in the semiconductor industry appreciate the high process adherence maintained by WILD throughout its entire supply chain. It guarantees that assemblies are manufactured at WILD with the highest level of precision and cleanliness.
WILD from a customer's perspective

"The project was a complete success- Ist implementation meant a significant reduction in delivery times and a simpler control of different types during production."

"Over many years of cooperation, we have learned to appreciate WILD as a very competent partner and we look forward to many more years together."

"We consider face-to-face cooperation to be essential. After all, knowledge transfer does not take place merely through drawings, specifications, e-mails and phone calls, but also through shared experiences and trusting cooperation."

News & Events
November 2018

connect 2018, South Austria’s most significant job and career trade fair, once again presented a great opportunity to entice the best minds from various studies into taking on a career at WILD.

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November 2018

A simple, quick and absolutely reliable way of determining fertile days using breath. This has been made possible by ILO, the world’s first breath analyser for ovulation prediction by Graz-based startup Carbomed.

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November 2018

Together with three of its WIN network partners, WILD is presenting bundled Expertise for photonic applications in medical technology to visitors at COMPAMED 2018.

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November 2018

The clock is ticking. The objective is to make rational use of the transitional period and develop an efficient implementation strategy. WILD Business Developer Wolfgang Stiegmaier knows a thing or two about how you can manage your MDR.

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November 2018

Photonic is currently developing a novel multi-colour light source for microscopy and endoscopy which promises lower costs and a longer service life. It also delivers more energy in the desired excitation spectrum for fluorescence applications.

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November 2018

In medical technology, photonics is considered to be a driving force behind innovations and solid growth. The WILD Group demonstrates everything that is possible in fields such as diagnosis, treatment, lighting or analysis and scanning.

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November 2018

Insiders from various industries, including WILD CEO Josef Hackl, highlighted future approaches in materials management in cooperation with the 2018 Logistik-Forum Kärnten.

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October 2018

Using practical examples, Business Developer Wolfgang Stiegmaier demonstrated the capabilities of the WILD Group in the fields of germ-controlled production for sterile products and cleanroom manufacturing of sensitive devices.

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September 2018

Photonic is adding phototherapy to its „ATO–Light for Life“ examination light range with a 2-in-1device for the diagnosis and treatment of newborn jaundice.

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