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Our services for your product
Validation guarantees that all manufacturing processes at WILD are tested in accordance with the required regulations and carried out in a secured manner. This helps to reduce time to market and improves the stability of a new or existing product.
The WILD Group’s certified quality management system guarantees a short time to market for your products and regulatory certainty for audits and inspections.
Supplier Qualification
The trend in supplier qualification is definitely toward partnership. This makes sense as it creates regulatory certainty and helps cut costs.
Comply with the mandatory provisions and normative specifications without having to develop know-how and capacities yourself.
Supply Chain Design
Is demand for your products volatile and hard to predict? With an agile supply chain, you can still serve the market dynamically and at a low cost.
Contact & Support
Preferably during a personal meeting.
If you wish to expedite things, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.
Horst Schöffmann