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Strictly monitoring the rules

Comply with the mandatory provisions and normative specifications without having to develop know-how and capacities yourself.

In addition to quality, functionality and safety, a product and its manufacturer must also comply with the applicable laws. The multitude of regulations include, for instance, the European chemicals regulation REACH, EU RoHS directives and the requirements on conflict minerals and NRTL components. They all present companies with significant administrative requirements since they are obliged to inform users when their products contain such listed substances. Moreover, they must disclose the sources of their raw materials. Very often the price for this transparency is high because it takes a lot of time and resources to obtain such information from a large number of suppliers.


The path to holistic compliance

The WILD Group has reacted to this and created a structure for its customers which allows all measures and processes for securing compliance to be outsourced. WILD applies both a quality management system certified according to ISO 13485 and 9001, and a specially developed ERP system which is also used for long-term supplier declarations. “We are currently working on installing a platform via which the respective suppliers can update the necessary data autonomously”, explains Horst Schöffmann, Head of Supply Chain Management. As a result, information on parts and substances of components is made accessible quickly and easily with regard to REACH, RoHS, conflict minerals, etc. “We also offer this platform for products that are not produced by the WILD Group. Customers therefore not only spare themselves an enormous administrative effort but also save on the annual license fees. Several renowned customers have already signalled their concrete interest”, says Horst Schöffmann, clearly pleased with the popularity of the system.