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WILD as an Employer
It's worth being WILD

For us, passion, zeal, curiosity, courage and initiative are the essential WILD characteristics for stable growth. Our staff are WILD and their expertise constitutes one of the main foundations for sustainable corporate success. The list of fascinating products developed at WILD is long. What makes us so successful is a healthy combination of tradition and innovation. We strive for long-term partnerships – also with our staff. We are aware of our social responsibility and support our staff in every stage of their lives. In return, we get a successful and enthusiastic workforce who manage their tasks with a great deal of consistency and high standards for themselves and others. So it’s worth being WILD.

Do you want to be WILD too?

Learn from around 430 staff members at 4 sites. International customer projects with a huge variety of challenges.  Flat hierarchies, responsibility and individual development opportunities. Openness and the will for permanent improvement. Innovative technology fields with great development potential. Health and technology as a meaningful task and, above all, employees treated as individuals. These are quite a few convincing arguments – don’t you think?

Flexible working models
Compatibility between work and private life, upskilling outside the company and greater freedom in managing one’s working time. The world of work is becoming more diverse and more complex.
Opportunities for personal development
A sustainable, long-term partnership is characterised by trust. And we trust in the abilities of our staff. Complex challenges not only require experience, they also demand new expertise.
WILD & Fit
We strive for completeness. This way we get more out of life. Healthy staff are a guarantee for a healthy company. Not just on the basis of their Performance.
The meaningful technologies of the future
Medical & Life Science can save lives and this is what makes this sector so interesting. We are happy to be operating in an industry that has a meaningful future.
Contact & Support
We look forward to hearing from you and and are always at your disposal to answer any queries that you may have.
Mag. Andrea Gritsch