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Opportunities for personal development

A sustainable, long-term partnership is characterised by trust. And we trust in the abilities of our staff. Complex challenges not only require experience, they also demand new expertise. We therefore support the upskilling and further development of all of our staff. In an individual, targeted manner. Yet also in a general manner, without a particular aim. We also let them discover and explore. Our staff collaborate in various projects, thereby discovering their strengths in the process. Clear targets require a clear course. We map the course for the future in employee appraisals and regular feedforward meetings.  Moreover, we have developed the WILD Skills app to unite sustainability and knowledge. The idea behind this was to create a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Here’s the explanation: WIN 1 is efficiency. Using the WILD Skills app, staff can keep the lessons learned even after a seminar is over – both at the workplace and in everyday life. WIN 2 is refreshment. The staff can also use the WILD Skills app to refresh their skills in a more playful manner – anywhere, anytime, in any situation. WIN 3 is knowledge and competence. The WILD Skills app is growing and with it the knowledge of our staff, since we constantly fill the app with new content. Our staff are well-equipped with knowledge. Their skills are our future.