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Market Focus
Semiconductor Technology

Chips are the future

The world is entering a new era of networking and the semiconductor industry is transforming itself as a result. This means great opportunities for contract manufacturers like WILD who deliver products in process-reliable, cleanroom quality.  

Smartphones, electric vehicles, wearables or increasingly intelligent factories – they all have one thing in common: the computer chips and sensors inside are what make our world more digital, intelligent and networked. This development presents a great opportunity for the semiconductor industry and its suppliers since the range of such applications has expanded dramatically.

WILD is ideally prepared for the increasing demand and the high-technology requirements in the semiconductor sector. The systems partner has been involved in semiconductor technology for decades and is more than aware of the requirements of the individual market segments and customer needs. The contract manufacturer thus guarantees a secure supply chain, even in times of fluctuating demand.


High precision and cleanliness

We have the necessary experience in vacuum technology and our expertise in mechanics, optics and electronics is a cut above the rest. Our skills range from high-precision parts production and parts cleaning under extreme purity requirements to final ISO 6 (ISO 14644-1:2015) and ISO 5 cleanroom assembly in flow boxes. WILD produces the complex manufacturing parts itself and also monitors their process stability during production through a series of measurements. This in-house production allows for a closed cleaning process. It guarantees that only those products that meet the specifications will go into cleanroom manufacturing.

This means that the components only enter the cleanroom for assembly after undergoing a pre-cleaning process and a subsequent precision cleaning process. This is where WILD exploits its full potential, since only the best-trained staff are able to perform precision assembly of component groups for wafer handling, spin coating, heating systems or split-field microscopes. The final inspection and testing of the products also takes place in the cleanroom before the assembled products leave the cleanroom in special packaging.

Photo: ESEC AG

Process adherence

Our customers appreciate the high process adherence we maintain in our production. It guarantees that assemblies are manufactured at WILD with the highest level of precision and cleanliness. WILD’s comprehensive know-how in semiconductor technology gives our customers the certainty that their products are manufactured and delivered in the highest quality possible.