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Market Focus
InVitro Diagnostics & Analytics

Intelligent products for new measurement methods

Early diagnostics not only improve the chances of successful treatment, they also significantly help to reduce costs. This requires processes that can be quickly applied at the point of care.

This means being able to measure everything immediately and on site. In-vitro diagnostics is increasingly being carried out directly at the point of care. An example for this is haemanalysis, which can be carried out in medical practices. Accordingly, this not only requires high-quality devices that are quick and reliable but these must also be affordable, compact, easy to use, safe and maintenance-free. Since the operation and installation is no longer performed by technicians, plug-and-play concepts and a high level of usability are required. This is why WILD provides its customers with a dedicated usability process.

The amendments introduced to the IVDR (In-vitro-Diagnostic Device Regulation) and to ISO 13485 also result in higher requirements regarding documentation. To actively manage this increased workload, WILD has developed its own project management tool that is also available to its customers.


Technology trends: Miniaturisation & microfluidics

In future, the components used in haemanalysis devices will have to be as small and as light as possible. Therefore, miniaturisation is and will remain a hot topic.  The demand for microfluidics solutions is also constantly increasing because the liquid quantities involved are becoming smaller and smaller. These rising technology trends present manufacturers with considerable requirements.

WILD has been a respected player in the development and production of in-vitro diagnostics devices and systems for several years. The systems partner’s know-how in this sector is therefore quite considerable. It ranges from full product development to process-stable and valid production. The company can cover all areas from requirement engineering to optics, electronics and mechanics to plastics engineering and application software.


Modular manufacturing for a shorter time to market

In the area of software in particular, WILD has developed several modules which have already been tested, verified and documented. The desired functionalities can be combined together into a modular system, thus saving time and costs and minimising the implementation risk. WILD offers a great bandwidth of cooperation opportunities and possible stages of entry. This flexibility is the answer to the constantly increasing complexity in in-vitro diagnostics, which is characterised by ever shorter innovation cycles and high requirements with regard to quality management.