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SRM Brochure
PRISMA – Issue 04/2021
PRISMA – Issue 03/2021
PRISMA – Issue 02/2021
PRISMA – Issue 01/2021
PRISMA – Issue 04/2020
PRISMA – Issue 03/2020
PRISMA – Issue 02/2020
PRISMA – Issue 01/2020
We owe it to the future. Ultra-fast 3D printing mehtod for nano-objects. WILD lends a Hand with Melt Pool Monitoring. Looking back at 50 years of WILD: the theodolite.
PRISMA – Issue 04/2019
Cutting Edge - WILD manufactures state-of-the-art hemodynamic monitoring system. Life cycle Engineering helps relaunch the HRT 3 RCM worldwide. Photonic intensifies cooperation with 3D endoscope manufacturer. Latest FDA audit confirms WILD´s top quality standards.
PRISMA – Issue 03/2019
Networking Production - How the digital twin defines the manufacturing architecture of the future. Photonic creates new Solutions for fluorescence diagnostics. Greater speed and process safety in analytical cleaning. One-piece-flow optimises manufacturing at WILD Technologies.
PRISMA – Issue 02/2019
How modern 3D scans are changing our view of the world Specially developed IVD manufacturing processes for fluidics components Bestseller: Photonic's high-power LED modules. WILD creates unique knowledge platform for 3D printing
PRISMA – Issue 01/2019
Staying on the move. How agile HR development enables quick learning, adapting and developing. The ILO breath analyser becomes a worldwide sensation. Medical Technology researcher Dr. Stefan Preißer joins the Photonic team. Lithoz and WILD develop tomorrow's intelligent 3D printing technology.