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Supplier Qualification

Trust is good. Qualification is better.

The trend in supplier qualification is definitely toward partnership. This makes sense as it creates regulatory certainty and helps cut costs.

At WILD, the qualification of suppliers is a central element of the quality management system. This is becoming increasingly important, especially due to the ever more complex requirements regarding the products. Regulatory stipulations, however, also mean than one cannot afford any false decisions with regard to the supply chain.

WILD has been applying standard-compliant supplier qualification in accordance with our quality management system for years, so you can rest assured that our supplier’s processes are equally flawless. This is significant especially in the case of a product transfer since all suppliers taken on board must be qualified in accordance with the standard requirements within a short time.


Supplier qualification saves time and money

In addition, there is a large number of suppliers that both we the WILD Group and our customers directly source from. We therefore provide our customers with our annual supplier assessment. Since this involves a defined standard process, these suppliers can be taken over by our customers 1:1. It is no longer necessary for both sides to separately conduct elaborate audits or supplier visits, which results in considerable reduction in costs”, emphasizes Horst Schöffmann, Head of Supply Chain Management at WILD. Yet the systems partner takes on much more than just the audits. Performance analyses, risk assessments, search for improvement potentials and their implementation, initial sample approval and much more help ensure that even the highest requirements are met on a permanent basis. This can be confirmed by a long-standing WILD customer in the field of medical technology. WILD has been coordinating audit processes for suppliers with them for years. Thanks to WILD’s standard-compliant implementation, the customer can subsequently take over the supplier qualification directly.