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Production Transfer

Moving production safely and efficiently from A to B.

From the individual manufacturing step to the entire production chain – WILD customers can achieve any transfer with minimum use of their own resources.

Transferring production lines is a highly complex undertaking, during which many more things need to work smoothly than just the mere technical implementation. Because of government requirements, GMP rules, proper documentation, the transfer of suppliers and contracts and – last but not least – the issue of speed, production transfer is a project that requires an experienced hand to succeed. WILD is a competent partner at your side and will cover the entire project management required for such a transfer.


Quick implementation, proper documentation – production transfer in practice

This was recently the case with the asset deal involving the transfer of the “spiritual heritage” of Zett Optics to WILD. The challenge here was to supply a worldwide leader in medical technology with lighting technology assemblies ready for serial production again as quickly as possible. The entire supply chain, including all production means, stock and the existing documentation and know-how of the assembly specialist had to be transferred within the shortest period possible.

The suppliers were also transferred and contracts with them had to be adjusted to the modified supply chain design. Thanks to its proven software-aided serial production transition process, WILD managed to achieve the impossible in just four months, redesigning the entire supply chain from scratch. “The serial production transition process ensures that the specifications for the manufacture of a product can be taken over or created by us in a structured manner and that all work stages meet our requirements. It also guides the project team through the planning process, ensuring that logistics, assembly lines, packaging, delivery and the provision of the production means and the required documentation are taken into account in time”, says Horst Schöffman, in charge of supply chain management at WILD.