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Supply Chain Design

Be proactive

Is demand for your products volatile and hard to predict? With an agile supply chain, you can still serve the market dynamically and at a low cost.

Demand changes at short notice, highly fluctuating forecast figures, uncertain projections or a significantly shorter time to market – the general conditions of supply chain management present a great challenge for every company. “But when the customer, the contract manufacturer and the supplier act in a timely and flexible manner instead of merely reacting, the result is a well-functioning lean and continuous supply chain”, says Horst Schöffmann, SCM Manager at WILD Group.

The decisive lever in all this is transparency. At WILD, demand and demand changes are visible for over 40 key suppliers within 48 hours. These are working with real-time figures. The data is forwarded using a specially developed software solution, the Vendor Managed Inventory System, or VMI. As a result, the customer’s forecast figures for internal production planning are automatically visible for the upstream supplier, so the latter can react immediately. “As a consequence, suppliers who have access to the VMI system have virtually disappeared from our ongoing missing part evaluations”, says Schöffmann. Even raw materials orders can be managed within 24 hours in this way.

New solutions in innovative supply chain design

In addition to a well-functioning supplier network, agile processes are essential for a continuous supply chain. Accordingly, the manufacturing process is also synchronised with the customers’ particular requirements. WILD therefore relies on the shortest possible throughput of all orders – using, for instance, intelligent buffer racks such as the mechanical production or the varnishing station upstream from supply chain points. In addition, C parts management allows for higher reactivity. With these new and innovative approaches for the project, serial and forecast business, the WILD Group can offer its customers solutions outside rigid Systems.