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A closed process chain for maximum cleanliness in manufacturing

Secured cleanliness processes are indispensable in the manufacturing of disposables for medical technology, of sophisticated optics for metrology, laser assemblies or mass spectrometres. For this reason, WILD is systematically raising its cleanliness and cleanroom standards.

Optical assemblies and components for metrology and laser, laboratory and safety technology are subject to the highest cleanliness criteria. They must be completely free of particulate, film-forming and other production residues. To ensure the highest standards up to analytical purity, WILD has installed a secure, closed process chain that already begins at product development. This generally helps avoid unfavourable component geometries that are difficult to clean.



Depending on the customer and product requirements, WILD begins with the following distinction:

  • Particulate purity
  • Analytical purity
  • Germ-controlled purity


Subsequently, it identifies whether an assembly will be put together

  • in a clean environment
  • in a flow box in a clean environment
  • in an ISO Class 6 cleanroom
  • in a cleanroom in an ISO Class 5 flow box, or
  • in a germ-reduced and controlled environment.


A modular cleaning concept for clean manufacturing

As a result, WILD has succeeded in solving its customers’ problems by applying a plethora of different individual methods.  The contract manufacturer offers a modular cleaning system that covers all cleanliness requirements, from product development to packaging and shipment. Steam blasting, smoothing of component surfaces or precision cleaning are just a few examples of the methods available. WILD has already built up a dedicated process for the germ-controlled manufacturing of sterile products. This process was designed to avoid germ contamination in all production stages from plastic injection moulding, electronics production, assembly and control to packaging.


Expandable cleanroom system

The cleanroom facility at WILD currently covers an area of 420 m². In the medium term, the company will enlarge its autonomously operated Class 6 and 5 cleanroom to 650 m² to accommodate up to 35 workers. The precision cleaning area covers around 60 square metres. This process-controlled facility guarantees the analytical cleaning and drying of parts made from different materials. The next step will be to add delivery handling and dryer systems to the precision cleaning process area.