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A symbiosis of high-tech and craftsmanship

From components and cleanroom and sterile products to complete devices – WILD takes charge of the assembly, adjustment and commissioning of complex systems.

Every product made by WILD is a hybrid of high technology and handicraft. A combination of the latest technology and experienced manual skills because the assembly, adjustment and commissioning of complex optomechatronic components, modules and complete devices is a difficult task requiring skill and great care. WILD exhibits a great bandwidth of expertise in mechatronics, electronics, mechanics, and optics for instance in the assembly of dialysis devices, high-performance lasers, optics components or in-vitro diagnostic systems.

Cleanroom assembly

In addition, the level of cleanliness in terms of organic, film and particle-related purity has become a decisive quality criterion. By expanding its cleanroom and precision cleaning facilities, WILD has succeeded in creating ideal production conditions for this purpose.

Moreover, the cleanroom assembly processes are GMP-compliant and are organised in accordance with FDA guidelines and ISO 13485. As a result, WILD guarantees a consistently high quality level at all production sites of the WILD Group. The Group’s modern supply chain design in combination with a sophisticated ERP system further contribute to an excellent assembly and product quality. Plus, a consistent focus on lean management helps keep costs at attractive levels.  WILD Technologies is particularly interesting for many customers because it combines Austrian processes with Slovakian wage costs.

Smart Production

WILD’s latest production system demonstrates how assembly can be combined with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. This system is available to every staff member at any time using the specially programmed WILD Skills App. The essential characteristics of the Smart Production are real-time mirror images of production which bring significant advantages – especially in terms of speed – through increased transparency.

Transfer management until after sales

Thanks to its software-aided serial production transition process, WILD ensures that all of the specifications for manufacturing a product are taken over in a structured fashion. The responsibilities of the assembly specialists also include standard-compliant documentation, preparation of final tests and commissioning, as well as packaging and various after-sales services.