Save energy. Reduce CO2  emissions. WILD is introducing a series of easily quantifiable measures towards sustainability. Yet you can only grasp their magnitude when you put them into perspective.




1200 trees – The company saves 140 kWh of electricity a day simply by turning off the fans and electric motors of its heating system during the night. This equals the amount of CO2 absorbed by 1,200 beech trees during the same period.

40 parcel delivery vehicles – In 2023, the new photovoltaic installation and other energy optimisation measures led to a 27% (900 MWh) reduction in the power drawn from the grid. This corresponds to the CO2 emissions of 40 parcel delivery vehicles.

2 fast charging cycles – When two electric vehicles draw a maximum current of 250 KW to charge their batteries, this is the same amount of energy used in a year by more than 300 employees at WILD GmbH‘s Völkermarkt site.