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Had enough of theory and want to go into practice? As a major regional employer, WILD offers a wide range of apprenticeships. We train surface engineers, mechatronics engineers, and metal processing engineers. Those opting for an engineering apprenticeship at WILD have already taken the first step in the right direction. At WILD, you don’t just acquire the technical skills, you learn for life. WILD willingly invests a lot in the personality development of our apprentices. We are aware of our social responsibility and will support you through all your ups and downs.

You will be personally coached and accompanied by your mentor from day one. In addition to a very practical training as part of the three-way system, apprentices at WILD benefit from numerous extras for good performance. Apart from the vocational school and the apprenticeship practice at WILD, you will also attend a technical academy. This guarantees holistic and focused training. Moreover, you will be able to build up a solid network and learn in all the Group’s companies. During your apprenticeship practice at WILD, you will also gain an insight into various different processes. By working at different stations, you will learn to understand the connections between the various departments.

Trial internship

Still not sure which direction you want to go in, still looking for the kind of job you will enjoy doing? At WILD, you can either do a student apprenticeship or a vocational orientation course. This will help you find out what future career path you want to take. You will gain an insight into what WILD is like and how we work. Experienced staff will be on your side to demonstrate important processes and priorities at their respective Workstations.