Apprenticeship has a future.


A varied workplace. A meaningful job, because you manufacture high-tech devices for more health and quality of life. And a high-quality education, which opens up many paths to a professional future. An apprenticeship at WILD combines many things that young people desire. Interested parties can apply now for the start of training in September 2023.

Last year alone, six apprentices started their training at WILD, in vastly different areas. With different individual interests and skills, and for a variety of reasons. Some already have a career plan in mind, others are thinking about a solid education. Erik, for example, is fascinated by the wide range of opportunities offered by a career as a metal fabricator. Flexible working hours, extensive training opportunities and the relaxed working atmosphere were reasons why he chose WILD. Matthäus appreciates the fact that he was already able to lend a hand on his first taster day in Völkermarkt and that he can quickly develop his skills. That is why the position of a plant foreman is already on the list of his career goals.

The motives behind an apprenticeship vary. However, all apprentices at WILD have one thing in common: From day one, they are treated as equals by their colleagues and are allowed to take on tasks with responsibility. “It is important that apprentices are given enough room to develop. Giving them the chance to perform activities that are meaningful and relevant to the company from the first year of their apprenticeship strengthens their confidence and loyalty beyond the apprenticeship period,” mentor Patrick Weinzerl is convinced.

Apprentice training has always been a high priority at WILD. Experience has taught us that tomorrow’s specialists need our full attention today. This is why the Carinthian technology partner for medical technology and systems for optical technologies relies on a trial training system. Human Resources Manager Andrea Gritsch explains what this means: “In addition to in-company training and vocational school, apprentices can and should deepen their basic knowledge at a training centre in Villach. But we also want to participate in and promote their personal development.” Whether it is a training in presentation techniques or a communication training – what’s on the schedule is decided together with the apprentices and agreed individually. The mentors always also have a say in the process. “They act as role models and confidants. They support the young apprentices and ensure an open, honest and at the same time appreciative communication,” emphasizes Claudia Reiterer (Human Resources).

Numerous benefits

In addition, WILD apprentices enjoy a wide range of benefits such as free participation in sporting events (running, cycling, cross-fit, rowing, yoga, curling or skiing, etc.), excursions or discounts at local stores. Special achievements are rewarded with additional gift vouchers or salary bonuses. What is expected of them in return? “We place a lot of emphasis on accuracy, commitment and the will to achieve. Those who show dedication will go far at WILD after successfully completing their apprenticeship,” says Andrea Gritsch. “All doors are open to young people at our company to build up their expertise over a period of years in various positions – even in a different area if they wish.”

Variety of apprenticeship opportunities

WILD is currently training thirteen apprentices as metal fabricators), mechatronics engineers, surface treatment technicians and industrial managers. The next training cycle will start in September 2023, with three to five apprenticeship positions being filled at both the Völkermarkt and Wernberg/Villach Land sites. Applications are accepted online at