Business Developer Joachim Enengl knows how to get innovations off the ground. In his keynote speech, he gave insights into the broad range of applications and the technical know-how of the WILD Group.

“Developers meet users” was this year’s motto at the W3+ Fair/Convention Rheintal, an interdisciplinary network fair for the high-tech optics, electronics and mechanics industries which recently took place in Dornbirn. The focus here was on best-practice examples that allow for a direct knowledge transfer. Joachim Enengl, Business Developer at Photonic, presented such successful examples in his speech “Optical Systems – From Man to Machine”. From the exact measurement of objects from a distance of several hundred meters with millimetre accuracy to the visualisation of microscopic differences using fluorescence, our modern world would be unthinkable without optical and photonic systems. WILD and Photonic have built up a treasure trove of experience in all these areas. Lighting systems also play a decisive role in such innovative technologies. “3D scanning only becomes possible through the use of structured lighting. In combination with hyperspectral cameras, it is possible to generate additional information on the condition of objects, buildings or entire landscapes. Intelligent algorithms render changes over time visible, be it the maturity of an apple, the humidity in brickwork or the impact of climate change”, said Enengl, giving an overview of the broad range of applications.

“The strong networking of the WILD Group with its WIN (WILD Integrated Network) partner companies allows us insights into the most diverse applications of optical and photonic technologies. As a result, we can detect trends at a very early stage and deepen our know-how in the corresponding areas in a more focused manner. This networked approach creates synergies which we use to build direct bridges to innovative concepts for our customers”, Enengl summarises.