Because every pulse counts.

WILD is the production partner for a new type of extended hemodynamic Monitoring System.

In everyday practice, hemodynamic monitoring represents one of the most important parameters in patient monitoring. Not every procedure, however, requires continuous extended monitoring with arterial access. Around 80% of patients are monitored using a non-continuous blood pressure cuff. This, however, brings with it the risk of missing dangerous Drops in blood pressure. Continuous non-invasive arterial pressure (CNAP) ist a Technology that allows for non-invasive hemodynamic Monitoring of this patient group in particular. Every heartbeat is measured at the finger artery, just as other necessary parameters, e.g. those required for fluid management.

Pulsion Medical Systems, a leading manufacturer of hemodynamic monitoring products worldwide, is now introducing NICCI, the next decisive development step towards non-invasive, continuous blood pressure and cardiac output monitoring. What is new about this system is that, for the first time, the control unit has been designed to resemble a computer mouse. “In addition, we have implemented our typical disposable concept. Especially in the operating theatre and intensive care environment, where cross-contamination and infections are particularly relevant, we can thus make a significant contribution to curbing these“, explains Clemens Brühl, Head of Product Management at Pulsion Medical Systems.

NICCI is primarily used when an arterial line is not indicated, not feasible or not conclusive enough. The ergonomic mouse is comfortably positioned directly on two fingers of the patient. Three available sensor sizes ensure a good fit. Within just 2 or 3 minutes, the physician or nurse receives the first important cardiovascular measurements such as blood pressure and cardiac index, as well as other parameters indicating whether the patient requires fluids. Thanks to its design and intelligent user interface, this innovative monitoring system can be easily integrated into the clinical workflow.

Systems partner WILD has been producing NICCI since early 2019 and has also been assigned with the transition into serial production. “By this time, development had already been completed. Nevertheless, our team provides support with production-relevant topics and contributes significant input, especially on process FMEA and validation. Know-how for future version and evolution stages also comes from the WIN partner network“, says Project Manager Dieter Trampusch. One of the biggest challenges in manufacturing is the high-precision adjustment work, which requires a great deal of instinct and a lot of technical understanding. During pilot production and zero series production, contract manufacturer WILD was already able to furnish proof of its ability to provide both.