Meet us at COMPAMED 2019!

Come and experience the bundled know-how of WILD, Photonic and the WIN network partners on display at the WILD Group’s booth from 18 to 21 November. This year’s focus: photonic applications in medical technology.

The medical industry is heading towards the future and it is more dynamic, digital and networked than ever before. Especially when it comes to topics such as Smart Health that revolutionise the industry, there must be one or two questions preying on your mind. At COMPAMED 2019, we will show you which answers WILD has to current challenges. Together with our WIN network partners, we will provide you with an insight into our latest developments from the areas of medical & life sciences, in-vitro diagnostics & analytics and laboratory and laser technology.

This year’s primary focus is on photonic technologies, which are seen as major drivers for innovation and growth within the medical technology sector. Be it in diagnosis, treatment, illumination or analysis and scanning – the WILD Group demonstrates how the intelligent combination of photonics and other future technologies can lead to true innovation leaps. Many of these new products originate from modern development and production networks. They are the reasons why WILD as a contract manufacturer is able to advance projects swiftly and safely, and quickly integrate research findings into serial production solutions.

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COMPAMED, Hall 8A/Booth No. J19

Your experts on site:
WILD: Your most trusted systems partner for development and manufacturing
in medical technology.
Photonic: Specialist for lighting applications in medical technology.
Alphagate: Alphagate is the leading company for ergonomic solutions in the operation of machines,
systems and equipment.
Insion: The spectral sensing company is an expert for spectrometers, spectral sensors and
miniature glass fibre optics.