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From quantum technology to integrated photonics: Will lasers play a decisive role in many future developments?

Lücking: ”Absolutely. We are currently experiencing the first wave of commercialisation in the field of quantum-encrypted communication. It is reasonable to assume that quantum encryption will become the standard in security-critical applications. In addition, fibre lasers are increasingly taking over areas previously reserved for solid-state lasers, especially in femtosecond laser technology. Lidar, i.e. laser sensors that perform three-dimensional measurements of their surroundings, will accelerate the development of autonomous driving in the future“.

Why is the WILD Group an interesting technology partner for new laser applications?

“The WILD Group combines openness towards new solutions and solid expertise in manufacturing technology. With its broad know-how in the production of optical precision systems, the company is in a great position to benefit from new applications in the field of laser technology. There is demand and interest for our services among new enterprises and innovators in renowned companies alike. We can build new bridges here.”

What is your specialised field in the area of laser technology?

“I would say that femtosecond laser technology, which was also the topic of my doctoral thesis, is my ‘scientific home’. After working for various companies on the innovative side of photonics, my last position was as developer for a manufacturer of laser ultrasonic test systems. Now at PHOTONIC, I look forward to bringing innovative optics into serial production.”