The new photovoltaic system at the Völkermarkt site is now in full operation. More will follow with the aim of achieving greater sustainability and economic efficiency.

After five months of construction, 1,750 photovoltaic modules have recently been installed and connected on a total of 3,400 square metres of roof space at WILD GmbH in Völkermarkt. Under ideal conditions, the system can generate 666 kWp. This corresponds to around 20 percent of WILD GmbH‘s electricity requirements.

COO Arthur Primus, who is in charge of sustainability within the group of companies, expects that this investment and other energy optimisation measures will save some 900 mWh over a period of one year. This equals around 27 percent of the electricity it draws from the grid. WILD Group’s sustainability concept provides for a gradual reduction in the carbon footprint.

The new photovoltaic array at the Völkermarkt site is an important first step toward supplying all the Group‘s sites with CO2-neutral power in the future. More systems are currently being planned for the WILD Electronics and WILD Technologies sites, which are expected to be completed in 2024.