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Developing hand in hand

We will support your development team with the necessary far-sightedness and perspective. We can get your products to serial production very quickly and at an attractive cost.

Maintain the big picture in development while planning every detail. Deliver right-first-time quality in production. In order to achieve this, more and more innovative companies are taking advantage of the proven concept of co-engineering practiced by WILD.

After all, when you take the right decisions at an early stage, you can avoid mistakes in later project phases. “The advantage is that we assess the products from the perspective of an industrialiser and keep an eye on their suitability for serial production from the very start. We make sure that they can be produced state-of-the-art, cost-efficiently and with a high level of quality stability”, explains Manfred Gallé, Head of Medical Technology at WILD. As a technology and implementation consultant, WILD contributes its know-how in mechanical manufacturing – including programming -, industrial serial assembly, quality assurance and supply chain management.

A quick transition to serial production trhough co-engineering

The fact that this early involvement of WILD experts can reduce the time from prototype to serial production by months is also demonstrated by the fully automatic pipetting system of BRUKER Daltonik, the world’s leading manufacturer of analytical measurement systems in laser technology. During the creation of this innovative system, which can identify micro-organisms on the basis of their molecular footprint, the customer’s developer team spent a considerable amount of time on site at WILD working intensively with the manufacturing team. As a result, they managed to convert new ideas and models into prototypes in a very short time. “This face-to-face cooperation is essential for us. After all, knowledge transfer does not take place merely through drawings, specifications, e-mails and phone calls, but also through shared experiences and trustful cooperation”, stresses Dr. Martin Schürenberg, Development Project Manager at BRUKER Daltonik.