Test, test, test.

PCR testing and blood gas analysis to the detection of antibodies. WILD supplies modules for IVD devices used in all the above Areas.From PCR testing and blood gas analysis to the detection of antibodies. WILD supplies modules for IVD devices used in all the above Areas.

The truth is, when you want to bring a pandemic under control, you need to know who has fallen ill, who has already developed antibodies and how to best treat acute patients. The WHO‘s urgent plea in the fight against the coronavirus is therefore simply ”test, test, test“. This is a plan that has worked well in countries like Austria and Germany, and to which the WILD Group has also been able to make a contribution. After all, the company has been a much sought-after development and manufacturing partner for in-vitro diagnostics modules and devices, including those used in PCR tests. These are considered the gold standard during the early stage of the disease and they determine whether a person has been infected and is thus contagious.


The development of molecular diagnostic tests is advancing at a breath-taking speed. What‘s currently attracting a lot of attention are PCR quick tests that can be used at the point of care and deliver reliable results within an hour. Patients can therefore get certainty quickly and, if tested positive, they can be isolated immediately.

Yet Covid-19 has also demonstrated how important it is to detect the different aspects of a disease. In the case of patients in intensive care, for instance, it is necessary to control their blood gas levels so as to be able to administer artificial respiration properly and in time. Another aspect are so-called ELISA tests, which can detect antibodies in the blood and thus establish whether a patient has already had an immune response to an infection.

As a systems partner of renowned manufacturers, the WILD Group has many years of experience in the transition of various IVD devices into serial production. ”Our modules for PCR analysers cover the most important functions from the entry of the samples and reagents to their distribution and temperature control in the device and the central measurement chambers“ WILD Business Developer Stephan Payer explains. The systems partner also manufactures assemblies for fully automatic analysis systems used for the detection of antibodies. There is currently a great demand for automatic quality control modules incorporated in blood gas analysers, which have been developed for a renowned customer and are produced at WILD. See the back page for more details.