WILD has developed a series of innovative digital formats in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which will also lead to a change of direction in the futureWe can‘t change the present, but we can shape the future. True to this principle, WILD has developed a series of innovative digital formats in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which will also lead to a change of direction in the future.

Analysts had long predicted it and the coronavirus pandemic instantly made it a reality: the world of distributed virtual teams. But does this world also have a place for development and manufacturing partners like WILD? How can you safely develop products despite the lockdown and reliably and efficiently launch production at a different location? How do you give potential new customers an insight into your company despite travel restrictions?

”At the beginning of the pandemic, the tools that our technophile staff created as an answer to these questions fell into the category of crisis communications. Yet a lot of things that were born out of necessity have proven quite useful in a very short time. And that‘s not all: they appear to be a sustainable path to the future, and they will definitely stay with us for a long while“, says WILD Group CEO Josef Hackl. He is referring to three digital co-working and communication tools that are already part of the systems partners’ day-to-day operations and which have received an extremely positive feedback from customers.


To ensure an effective exchange of information and quick response time at the launch of a serial production, WILD has developed and optimised so-called ”digital Assembly models“. These virtual meetings between customers and manufacturing teams take place at the actual workplace of the respective WILD employee. Using several video cameras, speakers, lighting tools and tablets, they are in permanent contact with each other and can implement the assemblies together. Using different camera perspectives, which the customer can choose at their discretion on screen during the meetings, and through live communication, it is possible to ensure that even the first assembly becomes a success. Furthermore, the software used allows for the video conference to be recorded, so that it can be used later as a useful addition to written assembly instructions. ”Meanwhile, several customers have told us that they want to continue using these digital assembly models as a fixed part of the serial production transition process in the future“, explains Medical Technology Assembly Manager Reinhold Kordesch. This allows for uncertainties, modifications and product improvements to be managed much quicker, more effectively and much easier than before. This is also confirmed by Daniel Fleck, who is in charge of strategic procurement at Bruker Optik GmbH: ”The current situation presents us with a lot of new challenges. WILD‘s initiative for the implementation of a remote solution that will allow us to conduct assembly training sessions in the future practically from our workplace opens up completely new opportunities for us. Even for the time after the pandemic.“


WILD has developed a series of innovative digital formats in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which will also lead to a change of direction in the futureAnother tool that has emerged from the crisis but will continue to provide additional sustainability in the years to come are virtual company tours. These offer potential new customers an impression of the WILD Group‘s capabilities regardless of place and time, and in an eco-friendly manner. ”The live feeling during these tours through our engineering offices and manufacturing and assembly halls, where we can directly respond to all questions on an individual level and explain specific areas that are of particular interest for our customers, is almost equivalent to them being physically present“, confirms Marketing Manager Heidrun Freimuth.

Moreover, a selection of short video clips from different business units – the third tool in the package – offers insights into the services and technologies of the WILD Group. These ”co-productions“ were created in-house with the participation of WILD‘s assembly team leaders, the respective department directors, and the marketing department.

The project presentations via video conference, during which WILD shares notes live and can immediately react to feedback, prove that acquisition can also continue in an efficient and innovative manner. ”After the video call, all participants of the meeting receive a detailed summary of the project or the call which they themselves helped shape. Customers like Infineon Technologies want to continue conducting their projects through this virtual platform in the future“, Business Developer Daniel Pressl explains.

For WILD Group CEO Josef Hackl, the objective of all these tools should also be an ecological and economic added value in the long run. ”It has been shown that a significant share of physical meetings and business trips are not absolutely necessary. On the contrary: virtual meetings have no ecological impact and they save us a lot of time. What will be left after the coronavirus crisis is over are new routines that, in addition to the benefit of closer communication, we should also be using as an opportunity for greater sustainability and quality of life. Nevertheless, a sensible balance between online and personal meetings will be necessary. After all, those much-appreciated attributes of cleanliness, transparency, openness and friendliness are best experienced first-hand, on-site.“