Modern, new products are the drivers of the current surge in orders.

The strong demand for in-vitro diagnostics modules, intensive care devices and semiconductor equipment has left all the WILD Group‘s sites awash with orders. Moreover, new customers have been added in the dental sector, an area where WILD already has several years of experience. ”In addition, several development orders are contributing to strong and, above all, sustainable growth. We are just at the beginning of the product life cycle with these projects, so we hope that we will be accompanying our customers for quite some time to come“, explains Wolfgang Warum, CTO of the WILD Group.

In recent years, the group has focused in particular on significantly expanding its development competencies and enlarging its technology base. For instance, it has multiplied resources in optics development and considerably expanded its simulation competence and software development, especially for standards requirements in medical technology. Innovations within the process landscape, a focus on the special markets of additive manufacturing, endoscopy and 3D vision have also created a fertile ground for this positive development. ”It‘s not just about constantly improving existing skills, but about being open for  fundamentally new things“, Warum stresses. ”We recently experienced how coronavirus vaccines were developed in record time due to many years of fundamental research. Our close collaboration with research facilities and the constant development of new expertise as part of our technology roadmap are very similar to such fundamental research. These measures provide us with a genuine competitive edge. They enable us to offer precisely those technologies and skills that our customers need today and in the near future.“