As a specialist for light and its applications in medical science, PHOTONIC is the right partner for developing and manufacturing innovative surgery lights.

Although they are not considered an actual instrument in operating theatres, they are indispensable for effective diagnosis and treatment: modern surgery lights. They no longer stand out because of higher brightness but for a light quality precisely adjusted to the operating theatre requirements, so that surgeons can detect even the slightest colour changes and structures in the wound area. PHOTONIC Managing Director Stefan Zotter knows how this quality can be achieved: ”Surgery lights must meet very specific requirements with regard to light intensity, light field size and colour temperature to guarantee a minimum of fatigue for those working in the theatre. They must produce a neutral white light that provides in-depth illumination, casts almost no shadows, and is easy to use and clean. As a specialist for light and its applications in medical science, we have the necessary experience in the development and manufacturing of these medical light sources.“

PHOTONIC currently manufactures two latest-generation LED surgery lights. ATO ML 1000B and ATO ML 600B are practical, compact and yield an outstanding light quality for both examinations and surgical interventions. Thanks to a specially developed optic design, the two provide the ideal illumination of the examined area. Both when surgeons have the surgery area directly under their eyes and when they navigate via monitor to perform minimally invasive interventions. In ENDO mode, light is reduced to a minimum to minimise disturbing reflections on the screen and place the focus on the video signal of the endoscopic camera. Nevertheless, the intervention site remains well visible for the assisting staff. ”In other words, the minimum adjustment in products by other manufacturers in this market is at 50%  brightness, while ours already begins at 10%“, Zotter explains.

In the case of invasive interventions, the high colour rendering index and optimum in-depth illumination of these innovative surgery lights guarantees the best possible view of the wound area. Very few manufacturers can meet both of these requirements with a single device. In addition, the innovative anti-ageing technology for LEDs provides for maintenance-free use over several years. ”Even in high-power use scenarios, they guarantee a lifetime of 50,000 hours,“ Zotter assures.