Changes at the helm.

The newly formed management team balances stability and change to lead the WILD Group into a successful future.

Following more than 11 years of success, a change is now taking place at the helm of the Group: at 65, Josef Hackl is retiring – a transition to a ”new  business model“ as he calls it. His successor will be Arthur Primus. As COO, he will be steering the WILD Group alongside CTO Wolfgang Warum and CFO Michael Wratschko. Since the beginning of this year, the joint management of WILD GmbH has been in the hands of Christian Rabitsch, Michael Wratschko and Wolfgang Warum.

In this interview, the management team speaks about WILD as a ”most-trusted“ partner in both good and challenging times, about alternative approaches to strategy concepts, the clear focus on the company‘s own strengths and the appropriate level of perfection.

Why are you optimistic about the future of the WILD Group?

Josef Hackl: ”The world has become more complex at a breathtaking pace. Amidst all this heterogeneity, however, our focus became increasingly clear. At WILD, we know what our task is, who our customers are, which new customers we want to bring on board and which technologies and services we cover ourselves or together with our partners. We have increased WILD‘s benefit to our customers in an evolutionary, continuous manner. In combination with our ”most-trusted“ strategy, it has proven the right recipe both in the boom years and during the pandemic.“

Where is the journey heading now?

Wolfgang Warum: „”Despite major uncertainties in the procurement and energy markets, the WILD Group has grown by around 40 percent in recent years. We expect sales to grow again this year. We owe this success to a positive symbiosis of specialists, networked thinking and teamwork. We will remain on this course in the years to come. An agile, adaptable organisation that can meet the ever-changing requirements of the market.“

Mr. Primus, you‘ve known the WILD Group for a very long time. What made you come back?

Arthur Primus: ”My positive memories, especially those of the successful development of the medical technology division, were what galvanised my decision to return. The WILD Group is a real gem in Austria‘s business landscape and the products it manufactures for highly specialised niche players are hugely exciting.“

So WILD is a great place to work?

Arthur Primus: ”Absolutely! And this is precisely the message we need to communicate. We will win over the best minds for our team only if we manage to radiate a positive work culture towards the outside world. In future, our motto will be: People know us, they appreciate us and they want to work with us.“

Mr. Rabitsch, which strategic course will you pursue in your new position?

Christian Rabitsch: ”On the one hand, we place the focus on ‚operational excellence‘. This means we want to further enhance our processes and skills, and attain the appropriate level of perfection for the respective requirement. On the organisational level, my vision is to move even closer together and pull in the same direction as ONE WILD, as a single company. We put our
own interests and compartmentalised approaches aside. Always keep our eyes on the needs, tasks and the satisfaction of our customers – it‘s a core part of our DNA.“

What investments are necessary to that end in the near future?

Michael Wratschko: ”We continue to invest heavily in the modernisation of our machine park and in fully-automatic facilities. After all, our customers‘ demands on precision are growing. New work steps are becoming necessary, for which we must expand our range of services.“

Finally, the following question for Mr. Hackl: Is there a message you wish to convey to the people in the company?

Josef Hackl: “Don‘t rely on experience. It‘s more important to assess the current situation and act accordingly!“