Thinking towards the future.

The WILD Group has access to the right networks to allow it to plan the future with its customers today.

New topics and technologies are emerging at an ever-quicker pace. At the same time, innovation is happening more and more at the interface between different disciplines. Just like the WILD Group, anyone who wants to stay abreast of these changes must maintain a close collaboration with the best minds across corporate and institutional borders. Being an experienced  technology partner, WILD contributes a solid foundation, has acted as a network hub coordinating innovation processes for years and also offers valuable insights into different markets.

“In addition to the expertise and experience, as well as quality and stability in manufacturing, we stand out from the rest because we constantly innovate. A major advantage in this respect is the broad positioning of our group of companies. From medical technology, laser and laboratory technology to optical measurement technology, we draw our knowledge from vastly different areas“, stresses Business Developer Daniel Pressl. “In addition, we regularly organise workshops with our customers to establish where they want to be with their products in three to five years’ time and what technological know-how we need to develop for that purpose“. As a result, those who work together with WILD have a partner on their side who knows what will be in demand in the future. 

The networks created in recent decades are as diverse as the industries of WILD‘s customers: ranging from the WILD Integrated Network, launched by the company itself, to various different clusters and the EIT Health Network. The latter recently established an innovation centre in Vienna. As a pioneer member, WILD actively contributed to the establishment of this regional centre, whose aim is to help innovation projects achieve market maturity quickly.

One of these projects is currently being implemented with one of EIT Health‘s partners, Boehringer Ingelheim. This globally operating pharmaceutical company recently invested in an exciting start-up which developed a completely new measuring instrument for the early detection of heart diseases. At the core of this innovation are algorithms and dedicated hardware for the simple, non-invasive assessment of cardiovascular health. In future, especially those physicians who have no access to an echocardiography system will be able to diagnose cardiovascular diseases at the point of care. WILD provides support in setting up the necessary processes and has brought Boehringer Ingelheim together with one of its WIN Network partners, IQC, which has now been commissioned with the development of the corresponding quality management systems.