The WILD Group is working hard on further reducing its carbon footprint and is focusing its efforts on generating more renewable energy and on continuous optimisation measures.

The objective is clear: We want to help preserve the liveable environment we call home for future generations. In today‘s everyday business, this means: We  radically change our energy balance to meet our own ambitions regarding climate friendliness as soon as possible. ”Sustainability is not a project with a set expiry date but rather a permanent
process,“ stresses COO Arthur Primus. At any rate, the first and decisive steps in this direction have already been taken. Specifically, the WILD Group will develop a concept to define how CO2 emissions can be reduced at all sites. Part of this consists of having a professional external partner determine the Group‘s carbon footprint to establish the situation as it stands at present. ”Based on that, we will develop a ‚Roadmap to Sustainability‘ which will point us towards our vision of an autonomous green electricity supply“, says Primus.

An internal energy conservation team consisting of colleagues Mario Oberhauser, Harald Gindl, Mario Girstmair is already working on continuously reducing energy consumption. Efforts so far have already yielded impressive results. The new photovoltaic installation at the Völkermarkt site resulted in slashing CO2 emissions to 13% of the original figures. The company is currently evaluating a further expansion of its PV electricity generation. After all, the positive effects are profound and do not just impact WILD. ”Since, like many others, we feed surplus power into the grid,  Austria must therefore generate less electricity or import less CO2-intensive electricity from other countries, though unfortunately this still remains necessary“, Primus explains. In addition, the WILD Group is now becoming  increasingly less dependent on purchasing CO2-neutral green electricity, which is currently in short supply due to a strong demand that is bound to grow in the coming years.

The site currently in planning at the Technology Park Villach will be a showcase project with regard to electricity autonomy. ”We aim to create a climate-neutral company based on the state of the art in building technology“, Primus reveals. One of the defined objectives is to store the energy required for electrical supply during the night, thus  allowing for maximum self-sufficiency. In Trnava, too, WILD is currently developing a concept together with the  landlord for a photovoltaic installation and converting the heating system to ”wean ourselves off fossil energy sources“.