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The Technology Roadmap of the WILD Group

Maintaining the lead in technological competence

The WILD Group’s Technology Roadmap is an internal programme currently consisting of 12 fields of technology on which the group has been continuously working on since 2012.

The unique feature is that each topic is actively supported by one topic promoter, that each topic promoter operates a relevant partner network and that the topic promoter is available to our customers as a competent contact partner any time.

The Technology Roadmap topic are based both on market trends and, to a very high degree, on the requirements of our customers. To that effect, we regularly ask ourselves the question about what competence we must have in 10 years’ time in order to remain attractive for our customers as a contract manufacturer and development partner – after all, the objective remains to offer our customers the best possible service and know-how.

WILD’s Roadmap helps our customers ensure that they always keep abreast of times and that they have access to information on technological trends. In addition, we always provide our customers with the most technologically and economically appropriate solution for their individual problems, with a successful balance of technological sophistication and the best possible cost structure.


An overview of the topics:

Additive Manufacturing Produktionstechnologien bei WILD
Additive Manufacturing
In recent years, 3D printing and the relevant production technologies have triggered a genuine innovation boost. Entire generations of designers are now thinking and designing in all dimensions without limitations thanks to additive manufacturing.
Casing technology
Innovative systems and devices must meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, reliability and handling. This, however, often leads to very cost-intensive designs caused by late or incorrect decisions taken during product development.
Usability & Style
The quality of high-tech equipment is increasingly being measured by the extent to which it meets user requirements. The objective is to create a design that corresponds to the zeitgeist, meets aesthetic and technical requirements and focuses on usability.
Digital Imaging
Image processing and its enormous development leaps are yielding extensive possibilities that reach into many areas of our everyday lives. WILD offers bespoke solutions for your specific tasks in this area which are optimised to deliver maximum efficiency.
Software has long become a central component of numerous product innovations. With increasing processor performance and an almost unlimited availability of memory, computer systems are becoming ever more powerful and equally flexible.
High precision
Precision tolerances of a thousandth of a millimetre have already been the standard in mechanical manufacturing for quite some time. WILD recognised this trend at an early stage and has invested in the corresponding machine park and optimised its manufacturing and measurement processes in recent years.
Laser technology
Lasers have long become an established factor in industrial manufacturing, medicine, metrology and in many areas of everyday life. In future, the application areas of modern laser technology will increase exponentially.
Surface engineering
WILD is intensively researching into innovative methods for the creation of functional surfaces. These expand the range of applications of available materials and play a decisive role in practically all industries.
Cleaning processes
A cleaning process is the sum of cleaning stages made possible by the concatenation of cleaning systems and manual cleaning and transport steps.
Kinematic systems
The kinematic systems developed by the experts at WILD provide access to future-oriented technologies with a short time to market and thus secures a significant competitive edge.
Free form optics
Free form optics are bespoke precision optics which combine several optical functions in a single component. They are small, lightweight and they deliver additional functionalities.
Adhesive bonding technology
The sustainable joining method of adhesive bonding has long been the state of the art. With this method, it is possible to combine different substrates with each other permanently or for a “programmable” period of time.