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High precision

Economically optimised high precision manufacturing

Precision tolerances of a thousandth of a millimetre have already been the standard in mechanical manufacturing for quite some time. WILD recognised this trend at an early stage and has invested in the corresponding machine park and optimised its manufacturing and measurement processes in recent years.

Demand for components with micron-measured tolerances is rising steadily. WILD is taking on this challenge and already meets tolerance requirements of +/- 0.002 mm. This roughly corresponds to the size of a bacterium. In order to achieve this, WILD has also invested in high-precision lathes to further optimise its manufacturing process. Disturbance variables are systematically ruled out. For our customers, this results in higher precision and repeat accuracy while ensuring cost-effective manufacturing.


WILD also manages these precision tasks thanks to specially trained staff, state-of-the-art CNC machines and an air-conditioned measurement room equipped with two automated 3D coordinate measuring machines. In addition, WILD maintains a network that also includes specialist machine manufacturers. This network provides our customers with the assurance of being able to supply the corresponding volumes and gives them access to high-precision classes.


Alignment turning and complex hydraulic components

Particular mention should be made here of the alignment turning method perfected at WILD. Using optical measurement tools in a modern high-performance lathe, the mechanical axis of a rotating mount is adjusted to the optical axis of the lens. Using a ball chuck alignment developed by WILD, the company now achieves a precision of a few arc seconds. The systems partner has also made a name for itself as a high-precision manufacturer of complex hydraulic components. These complex elements featuring several geometric tolerances can be manufactured at WILD within a tolerance range of 5μm.


WILD’s active strategy toward smart production presents an additional benefit for our customers. The company is specifically exploiting the possibilities of automation and digitalisation in production to maximise benefit. For instance, in 2018 WILD invested in a milling machine with automated material handling which allows for manufacturing even without a human machine operator present on site. The next step will be to collect electronic measurement data directly at the machine workstations (statistical process control). This will allow production workers at WILD to store their measurement results directly in an electronic product file, thus further improving process stability and traceability.