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Employee Success Story: Sandra Lotteritsch

Technical Support Engineer

WILD_Sandra Lotteritsch

How would you describe the role of a Technical Support Engineer?

Put simply, I keep the production process running. It starts with the customer sending the specifications for their product to us, which I enter into our system. Once the parts are procured and the product is built at our facility, I make sure we create a documentation of the assembly, including logs and everything that goes with it. Therefore, I am in close coordination with the customer and the assembly team with regards to this. The whole process is very dynamic and is subject to constant change. As I am in close communication with the customer, I am the first contact person for the assembly team concerning quality matters next to the team leader.  

How long have you been working for the WILD Group?

I work in Wernberg since the summer of 2020. Before that, I completed a bachelor’s degree in medical technology at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, in Klagenfurt. It was obvious to me that I wanted to enter a technical profession.  

Did you join WILD directly after university?

During the last few months of my studies, I had online lectures, thus I was already able to work at WILD at the same time. I even took my bachelor’s exam after a day of work.    

Why did you apply at WILD?

Already as a student, I was familiar with WILD, among other things, because of the job fair at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences. In my last semester, I sent out an unsolicited application and was invited for a job interview immediately.  

How does your career path at WILD look so far?

In the beginning, I worked as an assistant to the sales team. Over time, I grew into my role as Technical Support Engineer. The responsibilities came gradually, and my colleagues made sure that it was not overwhelming. The onboarding process and team also gave me the best possible support. In addition, one starts with a specific training plan for the first year.  

Which development opportunities did you have so far?

Recently, I was able to complete a Lean Production-Green Belt training, which gives me in-depth knowledge of lean production.  

Why do you appreciate the independent work approach that is so important at WILD?

First, the flexible work time is great – I really appreciate that. My role is generally very independent and requires a lot of initiative. The topics come up all by themselves, whether it is prototype construction or series production. I’m always happy to take on these challenges.  

What do you generally appreciate about “Carinthia as a place to work”?

In my opinion, Carinthia is becoming more and more attractive in terms of job opportunities, especially for graduates with technical degrees. I personally also appreciate the fact that my place of residence is very close to my workplace.