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Employee Success Story: Emmerich Kriegl

Head of Quality Management


Please introduce yourself and your work.

My name is Emmerich Kriegl and I have been working in Quality Management since 2013. I was appointed head of this department in the summer of 2018. My task is to ensure that normative specifications are complied with. I work with several different departments within the WILD Group and I support them in their development and toward achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Why did you choose WILD as your employer?

I was involved in process validation in the course of my previous career in other companies and at WILD I now have the opportunity to expand my knowledge and contribute my expertise. When I joined the company, process validation was in its infancy at WILD. This allowed me to build up and design the entire system. This freedom to shape things and the personal learning process that goes with it were the main reasons why I chose WILD.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Due to the large number of different product groups, my range of tasks in Quality Management is extremely interesting. This is why it’s so difficult to answer this question. There is actually no typical day in my job. Certain tasks cannot be planned, since our agile working environment regularly creates unforeseeable challenges. In such cases, I must react quickly and give my advice and support to the entire organisation.

On some days, I will work together with my colleagues on new tools designed to further advance our processes or on the implementation of new standards. On others, I will carry out risk analyses or process approvals or I will be busy with internal or external audits.

The typical part of my daily work is a regular tour through the manufacturing and assembly areas. Critical checks of the processes and procedures inside the company and direct communication with the employees are an essential part of my work.

What appeals to you about the area of Quality Management? What characterises this area?

Due to the diversity of our products, there are countless standard requirements that need to be accommodated in a single system. The special attraction lies in the need to quickly grasp complex issues, analyse them and subsequently take the right decisions. This is a highly interesting and sensitive field. Though we should not over-regulate, we do need to comply with the specifications.

Quality Management is an area where you can evolve as an individual and make an essential contribution to the advancement of the organisation.

A very pleasant aspect of my task is working with people – I travel quite a lot and have a lot of social contacts.

What skills do you need to work in Quality Management?

Methodical expertise is an indispensable requirement in Quality Management. In my job, I must master and apply a multitude of methodological approaches.

In addition, the tasks require a high level of self-discipline and sharp analytical skills and a strong competence in finding solutions. When acute problems occur in manufacturing and assembly, it is important to keep a cool head, react quickly and make the right decisions. Moreover, you should have a personal affinity to standards and a certain passion for quality management. Since, however, this area is very often afflicted by problems and errors must be openly pointed out you need a thick skin and the ability to maintain a neutral, “outside” perspective.