Zukunftsbilder der SCM.

Insiders from various industries, including WILD CEO Josef Hackl, highlighted future approaches in materials management in cooperation with the 2018 Logistik-Forum Kärnten.

The experts agree: Only those companies that transform their supply chain management now will remain competitive in the future as logistics concepts, combined with new technologies, have an impact on both on the Speed of processes as well as on their quality and Absence of defects. Yet no two companies are the same. Who are, therefore, innovations interesting for? What Impact do they have on companies in Carinthia?

Erik Wirsing | Schenker AG, Sven Kaulbach | Linde Material Handling, Rene Rossmann and Heinz Brumnik | MAHLE Filtersysteme Austria as well as Daniel Valtiner | Infineon Technologies  gave their answers to these questions and their take on future topics from four different industries at this year’s Logistik-Forum Kärnten.

The lectures were followed by a panel debate on possibl applications in practice. The participants discussed how to establish a multi-stage supply chain and effectively procure materials based on consumption.

CEO of the WILD Group, Josef Hackl, contributed his thoughts on the topic of “SCM of complex technological products in small and medium series”. „Practice has shown that customer needs are becoming more and more volatile. The information flow between supply chain companies is mostly delayed and is subjectively interpreted. This is precisely where the classical origin of the bullwhip effect lies. To counter this phenomenon, WILD has developed a communication chain based on the principle of vendormanaged inventory (VMI). This principle builds on new SCM processes and digitalisation. The system has been tested and optimised and is now available.” The participants in the subsequent workshop dealt with the benefits of such a system and the best ways to apply it.