Drivers of innovation.

InnovationstreiberAs partner of the EIT Health network, WILD is joining forces to transform the European health sector toward value-based healthcare. 

Ensuring a constant stream of innovations and being close to the customer and the patient to improve treatments while reducing the costs for the health system: more ”value“ is seen as the key to more success in medicine. ”Therefore, we already collaborate with medical technology companies today to anticipate what lies ahead of us in three years‘ time. This head start helps cut costs, since we can thus avoid abrupt
transitions and a steep learning curve and can accelerate the development of future projects“, says Business Developer Daniel Pressl. The recent commitment to set up an Austrian EIT Health Innovation Centre in Vienna is another milestone in the process. ”WILD will play a pioneering role in the  establishment of this centre. Our customers will also benefit from such a network of outstanding innovation and business partners from
all over Europe, and they will gain access to top-notch research and new technologies“, Pressl believes.

Which product can have a positive impact on the healthcare system and the lives of patients in the future? WILD is pursuing this question together with established enterprises and also with tomorrow‘s engineers and decision makers. In autumn, the systems partner will be staging the EIT Health i-Days in Austria already for the second time, to which students from around the world are invited. Together, they identify innovative and value-oriented medical solutions and devices and present these to a top-class jury.