A holistic approach.

From the development and printing of new components to the production of complete 3D-printing systems based on different technologies: WILD is creating a unique knowledge platform for 3D printing.

In order to design components that can be manufactured economically, developers must be able to take an “additive” approach from the very beginning. At WILD, this rethinking process has been under way for years as part of its Technology Roadmap. “We are currently training our developers in the so-called ‘AddManu Knowledge’ programme, which was put together in collaboration with universities. During their training, they study all of the possibilities of 3D printing and we are encouraging a new way of thinking in engineering”, WILD Group CTO Wolfgang Warum explains.

In addition, the teams have direct access to three Printers for the production of components using stereolithography and fused filament fabrication technologies. The company recently purchased a 3D printer for components measuring up to 500 x 400 x 510 mm. Flexibility is also a given when it comes to the choice of materials. The result are prototypes, small series and gluing or assembly instruments made from e.g. polyamide with carbon fibre, ABS and resins with varying elasticity and rigidity. The company also plans to print using materials such as PEI, PPT, TPE, steel filament, and the flame-resistant filament ABS-FR (UL94 V0), which is used where special fire safety standards apply.

“Together with the WIN partner network, we effectively offer all interesting printing technologies and have access to the countless years of experience of our partners. This helps us both in construction and in the best possible design of the printing process”, says WILD Group CEO Josef Hackl. WILD is thus always able to provide the best-suited solution for a customer, without having to give preference to the techniques available within the Company.