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Life Cycle Management

Products always fit for use

Consistent, careful product upgrading extends the life cycle of your product, reduces costs, and guarantees a return on your investment for a longer period.


This is the ideal “anti-ageing” solution that helps your product keep up with the market requirements in the long run: professional life cycle management. Thorough, yet regular upgrading through continuous improvement processes and technical updates guarantees that your product will perform well in the long run.

This is of particular importance especially in the case of equipment involving a high level of investment and difficult registration procedures. As your systems partner, we analyse your products, recommend alternatives, integrate the latest technologies and make sure that any components no longer available are replaced. We also focus on a holistic approach to materials over the product’s entire life cycle and on continuous process optimisation.

Keeping an eye on the future - life cycle management in medical technology

Regarded as the gold standard in modern glaucoma diagnosis, the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) has been an indispensable instrument for early detection of this type of eye disease for decades. This confocal scanning laser system is used in the examination of the front and rear section of the eye. The fact that this compact medical device has been the undisputed market leader for such a long time can largely be attributed to the continuous life cycle Management applied by WILD. Since the systems partner took over the complete production of the HRT 11 years ago, upgrading steps have also included an adjustment of the lens, which significantly reduced the wear and tear of various mechanical parts. Moreover, WILD also carried out the replacement of a linear guide unit, an adjustment of the electronic systems and a fine-tuning of the laser. Due to the introduction of the medical technology standard EN 60601-1, it also became necessary to adjust a power supply unit which, in turn, resulted in the replacement of various mechanical parts.