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As a designer of future technologies, WILD is looking for today’s best minds in science and theory. In developing innovative solutions for the future, WILD has a clear recipe: theory seeks practice. WILD offers various opportunities. Internships or dissertations and thesis papers.



Whether you still have a few kilometres to go or the finishing line is already in sight, it doesn’t make any difference on Wildstrasse.  You can gain practical experience at any stage of your studies. Where? With an internship at WILD.  Put your skills into practice.

WILD offers internship opportunities at all 4 factory sites. The range of internships at WILD is very diverse, both in engineering and in administration. Write to us at and let us know where you would like to do your internship. Send us your CV and your current confirmation of studies in the e-mail so we can obtain a more detailed picture of your skills.


Thesis papers

Work together with us on technology-oriented, innovative topics, for your diploma, bachelor’s or master’s thesis. The combination of science, education, and practice will benefit both of us with groundbreaking insights.  The ideal combination of scientific curiosity, commitment and ideas is worth a great deal to us. Our experts will accompany you on an individual basis and you will be considered a full team member in the corresponding projects. You will benefit from the expertise available both on a professional and a personal basis. We expect above-average study results, preferably from natural sciences and engineering studies, economic sciences, information technology and industrial engineering.

Write to us at if you want to work with us. Let us know what your priorities are for the desired topic. Send us your CV, your latest certificates and confirmation of studies. We will examine the possible topics and priorities together with our expert departments.