27. May 2021
Trailblazers and future thinkers
Agile teams, varied projects and a customer mix of established companies and start-ups make the WILD Group an exciting employer.
26. April 2021
Allow support and shorten time-to-market.
Development, series transition and production are not the only areas that speak for a system partnership with WILD. The Austrian…
29. March 2021
Team players wanted for future-proof jobs!
Varied tasks, flexible working hours, a work-life balance that works: there are many arguments in favor of a job at…
02. February 2021
Covid-19: Safety through filtered air.
For several months, WILD has been using the tested and proven Lotus Air Filter System from Ortner Reinraumtechnik to create…
18. December 2020
Giving confidence.
With its Christmas donation, WILD is helping to ensure that the daycare center for the disabled in the "House of…
25. May 2021
Intelligent purchasing.
From purchase to material management: WILD is laying the groundwork for more flexible solutions and less risk for its customers.
24. May 2021
Agility is a learning process.
The WILD Group can cope with the huge adjustments the market currently demands because HR management laid the groundwork years…
22. May 2021
A smart QM solution.
The main prerequisite for quality processes across the Group‘s sites and close links to high-quality suppliers are adequate digital tools.
21. May 2021
Light at the end of the registration tunnel.
Photonic‘s small ATO surgery lights undergo a technical redesign due to the MDR. The result is an innovative feature for…
21. May 2021
Drivers of innovation.
As partner of the EIT Health network, WILD is joining forces to transform the European health sector toward value-based healthcare.