29. March 2021
Team players wanted for future-proof jobs!
Varied tasks, flexible working hours, a work-life balance that works: there are many arguments in favor of a job at…
02. February 2021
Covid-19: Safety through filtered air.
For several months, WILD has been using the tested and proven Lotus Air Filter System from Ortner Reinraumtechnik to create…
18. December 2020
Giving confidence.
With its Christmas donation, WILD is helping to ensure that the daycare center for the disabled in the "House of…
18. December 2020
Ready for a successful 2021.
50 years of experience have taught us one thing above all: Only those who look ahead, remain optimistic and get…
11. December 2020
THANK YOU for celebrating with us.
WILD might have celebrated its 50th anniversary virtually, but there was still a party atmosphere. We want to say THANK YOU for your kind wishes and the exciting…
18. February 2021
A quality leap in precision manufacturing.
WILD recently added a new alignment turning station to its machine park. The machine is a pivotal element for utmost…
18. February 2021
Not all light is alike.
Whether in diagnosis or treatment – Photonic helps customers administer the right dose of light exactly where it is needed.
18. February 2021
At the forefront.
As an Austrian pioneer member in the EIT Health Network, WILD collaborates in innovation projects that can quickly achieve market…
17. February 2021
Making success stories happen.
With the aim of interconnecting people and skills, Stephan Payer will continue the successful course of WILD Electronics as its…
15. February 2021
Celebrating together.
We want to say THANK YOU for the many wishes we received and the exciting conversations we had with you…