13. March 2023
Changes at the helm.
WILD Group's CEO Josef Hackl is retiring at the end of April. From early April, Arthur Primus will be reinforcing…
22. February 2023
Spying is encouraged.
15 young people went on a fact-finding tour at WILD to get an insight into the apprenticeship professions of surface…
27. January 2023
Apprenticeship has a future.
A varied workplace. A meaningful job, because you manufacture high-tech devices for more health and quality of life. And a…
23. December 2022
Christmas Wish Fulfillers.
With its donation, the WILD Group is making a small contribution to fulfilling a great wish at the "House of…
23. December 2022
Christmas Greetings.
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and the best start for the year 2023!
08. March 2023
Changes at the helm.
The newly formed management team balances stability and change to lead the WILD Group into a successful future.
08. March 2023
Fostering skills at WILD.
Tomorrow‘s specialists need our full attention today. That is why WILD is increasing the number of apprenticeships within the company,…
08. March 2023
Clever design ensures the ability to deliver.
Future ability to deliver a product will depend on its design. WILD guarantees this with a whole set of new…
08. March 2023
Circular economy thought through to the end.
If you take the issue of sustainability seriously, you must approach it comprehensively and implement it holistically. WILD currently focuses…
08. March 2023
Energy saving made simple.
Save energy. Reduce CO2 emissions. WILD is introducing a series of easily quantifiable measures towards sustainability. Yet you can only…