26.-29. April 2022
Save-the-Date: Laser World of Photonics 2022
The WILD Group will present itself at LASER World of Photonics 2022 as a highly specialized all-rounder for the development…
28. January 2022
“Career spying” at WILD
Türen auf für interessierte Jugendliche und deren Eltern, hieß es kürzlich bei WILD in Wernberg. Im Rahmen der Aktion „Berufsspionage“…
17. December 2021
Let it grow
At the end of this year, the WILD Group had a record number of orders. The signs are set for…
17. December 2021
More than just a gift
With its Christmas donation, the WILD Group is helping to ensure that wheelchair users at the "House of Generations" daycare…
17. December 2021
Seeing Christmas through children’s eyes
This year, the children of our staff have been busy painting and crafting to bring a little joy to customers…
17. February 2022
Thinking towards the future.
The WILD Group has access to the right networks to allow it to plan the future with its customers today.
17. February 2022
Serial precision is all about the right design.
The close interplay between optics design and manufacturing offers planning and cost certainty to WILD‘s customers and guarantees that design…
17. February 2022
In-time procurement for your product idea.
WILD further strengthens the link between purchasing and development to get the right materials with the right requirements at the…
17. February 2022
Next level light.
At the 2022 LASER World of Photonics, the WILD Group will be presenting itself as a highly specialised allrounder for…
11. November 2021
Greater agility, better products.
Especially in development, agile project management often decides who holds the competitive edge. Together with organisational development expert Stephan Richter,…