We’re ready for 2020.

The WILD Group’s anniversary year will be fully dedicated to the company’s focus on our customers’ requirements.

Never rest on your achievements, always look to the future. This is one of WILD’s most important recipes for success. Nevertheless, we will pause for a moment during the coming year and take the opportunity of our 50th anniversary to bring back to mind what we have achieved together so far. Our transformation from an extended workbench to a precision manufacturer and then to a strategic partner has not always been easy but it has been exciting. It has been marked by bold decisions, by people who have invested their blood, sweat and tears into the company, and by partnerships that have enabled us to grow together.  As a “best ager”, the WILD Group has above all committed itself to doing one thing: we want to stay curious and continue building a bridge between experience and innovation.
Next year we will be letting you know in our familiar manner how we manage to achieve that in practice. Come and meet us in 2020, for instance at Optatec in Frankfurt from 12 to 15 May or at COMPAMED in Düsseldorf from 16 to 19 November. Together with our WIN partners, we will give you the latest insights in our innovative product developments. To find out more about how we support our customers in the development and production of true innovations, take a look at WILD Group’s PRISMA magazine, whose next issue is due in February 2020.