Varied tasks, flexible working hours, a work-life balance that works: there are many arguments in favor of a job at WILD and currently the number of vacancies is high.

A number of new projects in development and a strong increase in orders in medical technology are the reasons why the WILD Group locations in Völkermarkt, Wernberg and Vienna currently have no fewer than 15 vacancies advertised.  Good news, then, for job seekers looking to apply for positions in metalworking and machining technology, as well as assembly workers with experience in electronics, mechatronics and electrical engineering, among others. “We also have some interesting vacancies for qualified technicians in product development especially with a focus on electronics and software development as well as in project management. In strategic purchasing, we are also looking for experienced employees,” emphasizes Andrea Gritsch, Head of Human Resources at the WILD Group. For some months now, she has been receiving an increasing number of unsolicited applications, as many other companies are in a difficult economic situation due to the Corona pandemic. “Nevertheless, it is sometimes not so easy to find experienced professionals with a technical background,” says Gritsch.

Stable order situation, flexible working time models

But those who seize the opportunity can benefit from numerous advantages that the WILD Group offers as an employer. The contract manufacturer and developer creates a lot of variety due to its diverse market focus – from medical & life sciences, laboratory technology and in vitro diagnostics to optical measurement technology as well as laser and semiconductor technology. “Since we are heavily involved in the healthcare industry, the certainty of a stable order situation is more likely than in other industries,” explains Andrea Gritsch. In uncertain times, this aspect turns out to be essential.

WILD, on the other hand, presents itself as flexible when it comes to working time models. “We offer certain freedoms so that employees can organize their workdays in such a way that private issues and commitments can also be easily integrated. For one person, it is important to start early in order to be able to leave earlier. For the other, it’s the other way around. We are also flexible when it comes to home office days,” says Gritsch. Mutual trust, respect and appreciation are the basis for such models, which work successfully at WILD.

Digital first contact

Due to the Corona pandemic, WILD currently networks with applicants exclusively via digital means during the initial interview phase. “Our experience with this has been very good. Only in the more in-depth, follow-up interviews do we invite the applicants to our company. “Getting to know each other in person is still an important building block for successful staffing in the recruiting process,” Gritsch is convinced.


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