Managing an apprenticeship and helping people in need during tough times. WILD is supporting metalworking apprentice Christian Puschl in reconciling his training and his increased workload with the Red Cross. 

Volunteering strengthens the fabric of our society – especially in times of crisis. The last few weeks have clearly demonstrated how reliant organisations like the Red Cross are on support in the form of voluntary work. During this time, many young people have proved that they can be relied upon when the going gets tough. Christian Puschl is one of them. He has been undertaking an apprenticeship as a metalworking technician at WILD since 2018. The WILD management has released him from his work duties for two months so that he can focus more on his duties with the emergency services during the coronavirus pandemic. WILD is also paying the staff costs for his work at the Red Cross. “As a systems partner for renowned medical technology manufacturers, we are particularly keen on making a contribution in times of crisis. Therefore, it was perfectly clear that we would accommodate his needs” WILD Group CEO Josef Hackl stresses.

As a trained paramedic, the 19-year-old Völkermarkt native has to cope with different difficult situations at the Red Cross, including acute emergencies, medical transport to hospitals and rescue operations. His duties range from checking medical devices and patient care during and after transport to the hygienic preparation of the emergency vehicles and their equipment. “It’s a demanding job but you also receive a tremendous amount of appreciation in return”, Puschl modestly admits. “In addition, I am fascinated by the work in a team, the camaraderie at the Red Cross and the fact that you learn a whole lot in terms of positive interpersonal communication skills.”

He will definitely benefit from his experiences in the further course of his training. WILD will continue to support him in the future as best we can. “Christian Puschl will continue to receive his apprentice pay, and his apprenticeship time will not be extended as a result of his voluntary service”, says Lukas Gruze from WILD Human Resources. “If everything goes according to plan, he will receive the training he missed in a compressed form at a later stage and will be able to complete his training in March 2021.”